The Moonwater Press Pilot cyber Debut

The First of the cyber Piloting Issues of The Moonwater Press will be done and up in around a week at the Villages. ¬†Join the villages and read the Issue free and the membership is free. You’ll will be sent a membership number and If you are under 30 years of age must submit age or birthdate. If under 25 years of age must submit birthdate. If over 30 years I will put 30+ if you so not give age but to be considered for this must submit a bio pic of your actual self and not some logo. ¬†This all is kept confidential except your basic info. Your name will be replaced with your membership number or a user name for the first name will be given and the number for the last name. when dealing with people on any of my sites please use the membership-villager number. There are also different levels of membership I am devising and some will cost but the first level is always free. Be awhile though before all the levels and types of membership are devised and fees setup. The Fees though are optional and will be calling them village ties. Those paying ties and or doing community service for the Villages go up in citizenship.

The reason I need ages is for the first villages is for 18+ and over only and need to be able to monitor that in some way and my app doesn’t let me amend it for this so age verification via email. Memberships are temporary if not disclosed at time of membership sign up and I don’t even see it listed actually in my files. I have place for notations though for Intel gathered on members. Admin only.

Also if you used a user name in the name place at sign up state so in verification email and you won’t be issued a user name unless already taken but will still receive a number and insist on using that for feedback and communicating with anyone on site. Absolutely never give real name to anyone and you have a villager name and number and that is what is to be used. This is for security purposes and management.

Well, gotta run and get back to work on that press. Hope to see ya’ll at the villages

Bless be Leoparda Moonwater