“Shutdown” by Laurell K Hamilton

Anita Blake Fans- get this while you can for free.

The Idle Reader

•Source: Free
•Publisher: Vook
•Publication Date: October 8, 2013

I’ll start this review by stating this was the short story that prompted this blog. I had far too many feelings to keep to myself after reading this little gem.

I’ve been a long time reader of Laurell K Hamilton’s work (hereafter known as LKH). I found the first Anita Blake book, ‘Guilty Pleasures’, when I was 14 (so about 11 years after it was first published) and loved it with all my teenage heart. I’ve read the Anita Blake books compulsively since then (I read Affliction the day it was released) and I’ve been one of the fans who loved the series and the character no matter what direction LKH took them in.

Until now.

I’m afraid ‘Shutdown’ caused me to rage quit Anita Blake.

On Adobe Digital Editions this short story is twenty pages long and all but one…

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