For writers

For writers.

Some Intel for writers that I got from Shawn L. Bird whom is one of our first followers. I hope it help lots of Independent Writers. I have not checked into the information myself yet. May be quite a while with my work load especially without any help. So, it would be most helpful that anyone who uses this Intel let me know how bad or good they think it is. Give as many details as possible please. Need to know what to keep and not to. I will investigate it myself before final decision to take anything off the press but you feedback could be most helpful in getting it done. I am all alone and trying to build a press geared towards those who have not many press that people like I, need. Those whom don’t conform to society they stand up to try to change things to what they should be. They stand up and say: Just because I am not a closed-minded soulless knuckle-head like you, does not mean I am evil or lesser than you! Just because I am different than you or cannot do things the same as you and or do not want to do things the same as you…does not make me defective or bad and lesser than you! Just because you do not like the truth does not make it any less so! Go on keep being stuck in the old twisted heartless degrading power-tripped ways..,Ya’ll still have to deal with me! No matter what you say or what you do to me…..I will not Bow Down to your stupid twisted damning our world ways!

That is what this press is for. We may have this and that stuff that you can find elsewhere. But! You will find lots of stuff that is for all of us. Stuff you have to search High and Low and find here and their. Also though, lots of stuff will be deciphered and inter-grated by me too. You will get a chance to see true revolutionary evo take place and be apart of it at times. So hope all those whom have evolving wisdom and spirituality come join me here and take the world by storm with me riding a fire breathing dragon leading the storm and incinerating all those whom stand in our way!

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